Story/Script: Nanase Ohkawa.
Comic Art: Mokona (characters and scenario) and Tsubaki Nekoi (creatures).
Art Assistants: Tsubaki Nekoi and Satsuki Igarashi.
Published in: Monthly Newtype.


Hanato Kobato is a cute girl who has a mission: fill up a mysterious bottle she carries with her in order to grant her wish. For that mission, she's counting with Ioryogi's help, a little blue dog who seems very cute but who has a terrible foul mouth and bad manners. Now, Kobato-chan has to heal the people whose hearts are wounded. The only problem is that she doesn't really know how to do it. The more people/hearts she heals, the more her bottle fills itself. She only needs to take care to not fall in love with the person she's healing.

For what purpose Kobato needs to fill that bottle? Who sent her for this mission? Will she succeed?

Volume 1

Exam. 1

The First Test

Exam. 2

The Secret of the Nabe!?

Exam. 3

Kobato's Christmas

Exam. 4

A Wonderful New Year's Gift

Exam. 5

Chocolate & Valentines

Exam. 6

What's hanami mean?

Exam. 7

Kobato on a Rainy Day

Exam. 8

Ioryogi-san and Beer-san

Exam. 9

The Results of the Test are...!?

Chapter 1

Please Let Me Heal You!


Volume 2

Chapter 2

An Unhealed Heart

Chapter 3

One Precious Piece

Chapter 4

Women's Intuition

Chapter 5

Let's Hold a Bazaar!

Chapter 6

Anything I Can Do

Chapter 7

Tears and Laugher

Drop. 1

A New Determination



Volume 3

Drop. 2

The Debt Collector

Drop. 3

Kobato's Decision

Drop. 4

Words to Heal a Heart

Drop. 5

A Feeling That Can't Be Seen

Drop. 6-A

The Bear's Baumkuchen Shop

Drop. 6-B

The Bear's Baumkuchen Shop

Drop. 7-A

Ioryogi vs. Ginsei

Drop. 7-B

Ioryogi vs. Ginsei

Drop. 8

Ioryogi-san in a Pinch!?

Drop. 9

Genko's Report

Drop. 10

The Secret of Yomogi Nursery School


Ioryogi-san, One Day


Volume 4

No Image Available.

Drop. 11

A Messagge From Him

Drop. 12-A

You Can't Hit Him!

Drop. 12-B

You Can't Hit Him!

Drop. 13

Talk of the Past

Drop. 14

After the Rain